Q: Why should my company get involved with sustainability?

A: If you use materials, energy, or labour; if you sell to businesses that provide to consumers or government or companies with sustainability policies; or if you are in extractive industries, you need to know what sustainability means to you:  what are the drivers, the risks, the opportunities and the cost/benefit.   

If you don't know these drivers and impacts, other players determine your fate.

If you do know them, you are prepared - and you can choose when, where and how you act.  Your approach to sustainability becomes a competetive lever.

Q: Can't I wait?

A: You can. But first check out the member companies of the WBCSD (World Business Council on Sustainable Development), the Carbon Disclosure Project, Sedex, and the like.  If you see any of your customers or competitors in this list, you need to be involved or you may find that you get locked out of contracts, or have to adapt your practices in a hurry - at considerable expense.

Q: How big is your firm?

A: We're two partners - and we work with a network of companies to deliver a broad range of sustainability services: For intelligence we work with SigWatch; for multi-stakeholder initiatives we work with Reos and Future Considerations; for international on-the-ground work we work with the LEAD network; for business processes we work with Valeocon; for end-of-life (waste and recycling) issues we work with Reclay/StewardEdge.  So we build the team that meets your needs - and you pay only for what you use.

Q: Can we just talk?

A: Yes!  Call at +41 79 652 3218, or on skype at ren-new.  Or, write to rennie (at) ren-new.com to pose a question or set up a time to talk.