Profitable Sustainability

Sustainability is such an optimistic word: producing and consuming in a way that enables generation after generation to live healthy and productive lives.   But today many people scoff at it - saying we can't afford to operate sustainably.  

Sustainability makes money.

Not only can we afford to operate sustainably - we can do so profitably.    Examples from Nike to Walmart to Interface to P&G demonstrate that re-viewing your business through a sustainability lens leads to savings that more than offset costs. This reduces exposure to material and energy price swings and increases your resilience.   

And after savings comes growth: new product lines, greater customer loyalty, and higher productivity from staff.  

A competetive advantage

When you know the sustainability drivers that shape your business environment, you can play them to advantage.  Companies have increased transparency, pushed for higher environmental standards and lobbied for recycling legislation - because they had determined how to conform more profitably than their competitors.  

But you may be wondering, what does sustainability have to do with you and your company?   You & Sustainability: Determining Impact 

The Value We Bring

We help you establish sustainability as a competitive tool for your organisation.


You probably want to get to the heart of the matter fast so you can act.  That takes a practiced approach, broad experience, keen judgement and an ability to determine what matters most.  We've worked in this field since the 1980s, for private / public / and NGO sectors, so we bring experience, perspectives and networks.  We can either solve the issue, help you solve it, or know the right people to involve.


Most of the pressure for sustainability comes from outside your company.  Knowing the drivers, the implications, the power structures and the ways of working in other sectors, lets you make powerful choices for moving forward sustainably. Since we've worked for these sectors, and spent our lives translating one sector to another, we help you make sense of your possibilities faster.


Understanding what needs to be done and why is important.  But if others in your organisation don't work with you to implement the strategy, sustainability runs out of steam.  We work with teams and individuals to build alignment and help shift more easily from resistance to engagement.

To see examples of our work, look at Why Ren-new: project examples.

What We Do

We help you turn engagement in sustainability into competitive advantage.  Through interviews, workshops, strategy development, and analysis we build the case for sustainability for your organisation.  Through events, articles, reports and training we build engagement inside the organisation as well as with external stakeholders. Examples

You laid out the context and dynamics of sustainability not only for our own company, but for our key clients in a way that made the path forward very clear. Your strategic analysis was spot on and we intend to implement the suggested strategy.
— Gemma Zecchini, CEO Stewardship Ontario
Ren-new’s stakeholder interviews helped us take our understanding of our customer’s needs to a new level. The thorough approach teased out the heart of the issues and flagged changes in the market we might otherwise have thought of as individual preferences. Best of all, results were presented in a way that engaged our management team, brought the findings to life, and made them actionable.
— Maria Krasilowez, Director Tetra Pak Sales Management, Cluster South Europe
Thanks for a great workshop! You shifted the perception in the management team. The challenges and pressures you identified with us should be viewed as seriously as recalls. This is a stepchange for us.
Also it will make my job a litle easier internally....
— Kristian Vilen, Kraft Foods Corporate and Government Affairs Lead